CNC Machining

PLAZ-X owns two high speed Thermwood CNC routers ( 3 axis & 5 axis). These routers are designed to cleanly cut plastic and wood at high trim rates. The router bit spins at 1800 rpm and the router can move across a surface at speeds up to 1200 inch per minute. This allows us to cut plastics quickly and efficiently, saving our customer's time and money.

Both of the CNC's sit on 5' x 5' tables that offer the cutting of large parts at one time, without the need for repositioning a part. Parts are typically held down with quick release vacuum pressure, speeding up the number of parts that can be trimmed in a given time. Vacuum pressure also removes the need for any cumbersome mechanical holding or dirty tape marks on the parts.

The 3 axis CNC has a tool changer allowing the use of 4 different cutters in one cutting cycle. This CNC's primary use is in the cutting of flat sheet stock, but with the correct tool bits can also cut three dimensionally as well.

The 5 axis CNC allows us to cut three dimensionally, cutting a formed part on several different surfaces at one time. With this , we can eliminate many different set ups, saving time and money.

We implement the use of CAD/CAM on site for both mold making and CNC fixture programming. We also have a CNC 5 axis Probe to copy trim paths for samples that do not have an adequate draw to produce a part from.  The probe allows us to check an existing three dimensional part and write the lines of "CNC" code that match its existing trim sizes.

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